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For my eminent interview, I had the opportunity to interview Lynn Sherr, who worked as a reporter for ABC news and wrote a biography on Sally Ride. I feel very lucky for the opportunity to interview her, as she is very knowledgeable about women’s rights in the workplace.

For my eminent interview, I learned about women’s rights in the workplace. I chose to focus on Lynn Sherr’s experiences.  For example, she talked about how she and her colleagues “[…] used to joke that they (Wellesley College) had only 2 goals for us:  marriage or graduate school. (2017)” This demonstrates that women were expected to settle down and have children, which was a major issue concerning women’s rights. She also talked about how “Women weren’t anchors, plain and simple,” so it was interesting to hear how her gender influenced her professional opportunities. Lynn Sherr’s experiences were informative on the issue of women rights because they revealed how sexism affected her opportunities, and this information gave me a helpful perspective to utilize for my speech.

Looking back, I really appreciate the opportunity I received to interview Lynn Sherr. With my other research, I was limited to what others deemed important, but with my interview I had the freedom to explore topics that I thought were very interesting and important. People’s experiences are unique, individual things and when I chose to interview Lynn Sherr on hers I feel that the information I received advanced my project.

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