Final Reflection

Wow! I can’t believe that Eminent is over! The stress and anxiety as a master procrastinator is finally over, replaced by the sweet feeling of success when I presented my speech and my Learning Center. Even though Night of the Notables was on November 22nd, I’m still in shock. I actually finished this project!


A major goal of mine was to learn more about the women’s rights movement of the seventies and eighties, also known as second-wave feminism. I wanted to learn about the culture that was prevalent, as well as stereotypes that were perpetuated by society in that time period. Through my interview, I was able to learn a lot about the culture in America at the time, as my interviewee, Lynn Sherr was a reporter at ABC and a “card-carrying feminist.” As a feminist, she was able to think critically about the culture and told me about her own experiences as a working woman., and this was essential to me reaching my goal.

Next year, I hope to take a more practical approach to Eminent. To improve my learning, I would like to create a calendar for an approximate time frame. I think this will help me avoid procrastination, which was a large problem for me.


One aspect of Night if the Notables I will remember is the speeches. I thought that they were quite well done, as they were engaging, thought-provoking, and laconic. I was impressed with how the grade tens were able to convey their chosen Notables’ eminence with only 90 seconds of time. All of these reasons made the speeches very memorable, and I look forward to performing mine next year.

Another aspect of Night of the Notables I will remember is my learning center. All of my hard work during Eminent finally paid off as I got to present a two minute, rapid-fire biography on Sally Ride. Hopefully, I conveyed what I wanted to convey: Sally Ride’s eminence.

My favorite part of my learning center was when I met people who knew who Sally Ride was; mothers and grandmothers who had watched Sally Ride blast off into space or heard about her legendary accomplishment as the first American woman in space. These were women who had seen first-hand the change that Sally Ride brought, and the overall impact of second-wave feminism. I was very happy to tell them more about Sally Ride’s life and other achievements, which often are glossed over when discussing space flight.

My little spiel on Sally Ride:

I would like to thank the following for their contributions to Night of the Notables, as Eminent would not be the same without them:

  • Mr. Morris, Ms. Mulder, Mr. Salisbury
    • Eminent would not be possible without the hard work, dedication, and creativity of the TALONS teachers.
  • My Mom
    • She helped me proofread any and all formal emails I sent and helped me with the visual aesthetic of my poster board. My Eminent project would not be the same without her!
  • My Dad
    • He took me out to buy the materials that I needed for eminent and helped bake the food for the potluck that we had.
  • The Tens, for exemplifying the possibilities of Eminent. I definitely draw on their ideas for my Learning Center next year.
  • The previous generations of TALONS, as they paved the way for a fun and exciting project.
  • Makenzie Manning, for recording my Learning Center when my phone ran out of storage.
  • Lynn Sherr, for responding to my interview request and being an amazing reasource

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