In Depth Post #1: An Introduction

This year,  for my first in depth project, I plan to immerse myself in the world of baking. Specifically, meringues, French macaroons, mirror glaze cakes, and other sorts of pastries and sweets.

I choose this project for a number of reasons, first and foremost being my love for baking. I have always enjoyed the sweet satisfaction of pulling a  perfectly rounded, piping hot, delicious creation from the oven, and being able to share this dessert with my friends and family. I also find desserts that have been decorated well oddly satisfying, and I look forward to create an aesthetic beauty with my creations.

Currently, I have not found a mentor, but I am confidant that I will find one soon. I have sent out emails to several local bakeries, and I am hoping for a response sometime soon. Also, my grandma is an excellent baker, and while she can’t be my primary mentor, I look forward to baking and learning with her.

I have started my project, as I recently baked a batch of meringues. Unfortunately, they melted into blobs, so they were not as pretty as I had hoped. Next time I will try popping them in the fridge before I put them in the oven, as this is said to help.

Here are some pictures of what I hope to accomplish:

Image result for mirror-glazed cake

A mirror-glazed cake

Image result for french macarons

French Macarons

Image result for meringues


Images from Bing

I looking forward to starting my project, and I hope that I’ll have a lot of fun!


ZIP! Document of Learning #4

As ZIP is drawing to a close, I have some time to reflect on the resources that assisted me in this inquiry. One resource that I found very helpful was episode 37 of the Crash Course Philosophy series, titled “Contractarianism”. It was about Hobbes’ thoughts on the idea of a social contract, and it was stated in very simple terms that made complex, abstract ideas tangible. I found Hobbes’ Leviathan filled with jargon and often hard to follow, so I had to supplement my reading with online resources. “Contractarianism” was a helpful final review (even though I didn’t finish the entire book) as it went over on of the overarching themes in Leviathan, and I was able to review for my presentation.

EDIT: It turns out this post has been sitting in “pending” for over a week. I apologize for any inconvenience.

ZIP! Document of Learning #3


Take a moment to reflect on your inquiry plan (calendar). Do you need to make any revisions to your inquiry plan? If so, why?

WOW! I can’t believe how far I am in to this project! I feel that I’ve learned a lot, and have a better understanding of how I want show what I’ve learned. I have taken time to reflect on my original inquiry plan, and what I want others to take away from my presentation. I have decided, instead of crafting an argument and creating a text to show my learning, I will put together a lesson that I will teach to the class. I believe that a lesson would contribute more to everyone’s understanding of my topic and question, and I have been told that one does not fully understand something until they teach it.

In addition, I have decided to switch my learning artefact because of the mounting stress of other projects. Even though I have started writing my text, it is not moving along as fast as I would have liked. Teaching a lesson would take less time, and allow me to spend more time with my family over the winter break.