ZIP! Document of Learning #3


Take a moment to reflect on your inquiry plan (calendar). Do you need to make any revisions to your inquiry plan? If so, why?

WOW! I can’t believe how far I am in to this project! I feel that I’ve learned a lot, and have a better understanding of how I want show what I’ve learned. I have taken time to reflect on my original inquiry plan, and what I want others to take away from my presentation. I have decided, instead of crafting an argument and creating a text to show my learning, I will put together a lesson that I will teach to the class. I believe that a lesson would contribute more to everyone’s understanding of my topic and question, and I have been told that one does not fully understand something until they teach it.

In addition, I have decided to switch my learning artefact because of the mounting stress of other projects. Even though I have started writing my text, it is not moving along as fast as I would have liked. Teaching a lesson would take less time, and allow me to spend more time with my family over the winter break.

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