17th Century Letter

To Cecil, my beloved sister

I hope this letter finds you well.

How’s life in London? How are you enjoying being married? Was it everything that you imagined? How’s the weather? Does it compare to the dark, soupy fog that settled in valleys and covered the Highlands. And what are living conditions like? I have often heard that the streets leave much to be desired, with the streets grimy and filthy, and full of crime. Do you ever regret moving there? I know it was necessary for your husband’s business, but I much prefer life in the country. The clean, fresh air, and self-sufficiency that you could never have in the city.

Well, not quite self-sufficient. It’s hard to scrape together a living as an old, unmarried spinster. I have been working as a wise woman, selling folk remedies at the town market. In my spare time I embroider fancy handkerchiefs with little roses, but even with the long, long hours that I work, it’s barely enough for a chicken, or a piece of meat.

Oh well, I wouldn’t give up my life for the world. The old pastor always tells us to be happy with what we have, because it is what God has given to us, and He is wise and all-knowing. I think that I am much happier as a spinster, even though it’s safer as a married woman.

Did you hear of the Pendle witches, from Lancaster? Old spinsters, maybe a few years younger than me. You know, I could be next. I’m scared of passion that the English have when it comes to persecuting those who are not like them. I’ve seen women, like myself, save for the fact that they had a limp or a mole. I can only hope that I remain unobtrusive enough to pass through the year without some immoral accusations being slandered against our family’s name

From your dearest sister,


Socials Document of Learning: Wheels of the Revolution

I choose the Stonewall Riots for my revolution.

  1. https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1BWB0eETAGVkdsImBNSFw6xtVqLVA9sHffBkOCYLvTqo/edit?usp=sharing
  2. A connection that I can make to another revolution is the formation of organized activism groups in the 1950’s-1960’s civil rights movement (the SCLC and NAACP). The formation of activism groups allowed for organization and structure, making their activism targeted and more impactful. This relates to my Wheel of the Revolution because LGBTQ people also formed civil rights groups to organise resistance, closely mirroring that of the African American rights movement.
  3. My wheel represents the LGBTQ community fighting to gain justice. It starts in a time where there is a lot of stigma and injustice faced by LGBTQ people and ends with rights and protections for them. I do believe that this wheel will keep on turning, and this will lead to equality for not just LGBTQ Americans, but for people who face injustice and criminal charges within their own country. All in all, the consequences where positive and benefited the LGBTQ community, especially in America. The Stonewall Riots continue to resonate across North America, and they have led to many changes social, political, economic, and technological changes.

Something that I had a lot of success with this week was baking a chocolate ganache cake with the bakery. (Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures as I don’t use my phone at the bakery out of respect for my mentors). It was challenging at first, especially coating the cakes in ganache, but I felt that I improved over the course of the session, and it is something that I hope to make again.

1. What has been my most difficult mentoring challenge so far?  Why?

I haven’t had any major challenges, but keeping on top of my baking schedule hasn’t been easy because of field hockey and other schoolwork.

2. What is working well? Why?

An aspect of my mentorship that I consider to be working well is how mutually convenient to both sides. I volunteer in a bakery, and it is very easy for me to come at a convenient time. Also, the bakers at the bakery have been really helpful in showing me what to do, and assigning me tasks. I really appreciate all the effort that they’ve put into mentoring me. In summation, I am very happy with my position at the bakery, and my mentorship is running smoothly.

3. What could be working better?  How can you make sure this happens?

I could be working on my technique to making meringues. I will ensure this happens by re-writing my schedule to include more meringue-making practices.