Friends, esteemed colleagues, and Prince Edward Islanders, I want to thank you all for coming to this conference regarding the future of our great nation. I will be speaking to you about the importance of the Great Coalition, Solutions to political deadlock, and naturally the responsibilities of Federal and Provincial Governments.

Allow me to take you back to before the great coalition. Political turmoil ran amok. Another day, another government. It seemed to me that every other week a coalition would dissolve. Nothing was ever achieved as different parties positioned themselves to take power. No one was able to accomplish anything for fear of upsetting their alliance members. How could we expect a future of a great and prosperous nation if we are unable to pass even the simplest of bills? A drastic change was needed. Hence, I joined with John A. MacDonald and George Etienne Carter to form a great political feat: The Great Coalition. Through this, we were able to organize one of the most impressive political movements of the century: the drive for a united, federal government.
When looking for solutions for political deadlock, there are three simple solutions the come to my mind. The first of those is a genuine legislative union, utilizing a two-tier process to ensure fairness and accurate representation. The first tier is a representation by population legislator. This will prevent political deadlock. We’ve all seen what happens when a double majority is used. The second tier will have equal representation, so none of you will need to worry about lack of representation. This second tier should be appointed and relatively non-partisan. You see, when provinces are accurately and fairly represented in any future legislature, they are united by geography. This in itself, the glue of common interests is very binding. It will drive people to work together to form political unions.

Second is the formation of large political parties. You see, we set a precedent here today with our formation of the Great Coalition. You see, at first I was skeptical of the ability of this new coalition. After all, it was John A. MacDonald and George Etienne Carter who would be leading along side me. However, we were able to formulate a plan through which we would be able to achieve something necessary for the good of the Canadian people. You see, with the uniting of all the provinces under the name of Canada, you will also unite people with the same beliefs and views, who will naturally work together. Hence, a simple yet effective solution.

The final solution that I propose is how we distribute the responsibilities of provincial and federal governments. It can be said that a lot of the issues that cause political deadlock can be easily solved by the provinces. For example, a major issue that occurred in our united province was the question of seperate Catholic schools. In Upper Canada, we believe in a separation of the church and the state. This is not the case in Lower Canada. Hence, issues like religion, education, and welfare can be given to the provinces, who understandably have their own views on these topics. However, Taxes, Defense, and the Railroad should all be part of the Federal Government’s responsibilities.