Ursula Le Guin Writing Style

Her intentional use of literary tools and manipulation of the reader and their interest is impressive. She knows how to reel in the reader, pique their interest with an interesting story and then keeps them entertained through out the read, I found that she was good at providing imagery when necessary. Ursula Le Guin knows when to world-build, knows when to keep details out. I would describe her overall style as intentional, deliberate, and descriptive. Le Guin’s use of literary tools helped the overall establishment of the characters, conflicts and setting. This is because her use of tools like imagery expand the novel and fill in the details for the reader. The foreshadowing pull in the reader and entice them to read the story. When she writes “Of these some say the greatest, and surely the greatest voyager, was a man called Sparrowhawk” She then goes on to describe Sparrowhawk’s childhood, and almost dares us to fill in the details. Her use of expanded moments also creates interest by slowing down the pace and focusing on a few key moments in Ged’s life. Overall, her style is interesting and engaging, and her use of literary tools helps her tell the story and get the point across.

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