In-Depth #6

Today I, alongside Grace, met with Cassidy and Payten at SFU. We checked traps, got a chance to look at the breeding room, where they grow flies, hold maggots, and identify different types of flies using a dissecting microscope. Grace and I also met up on Friday during the pro-d to plan our learning center, and reach out to Cassidy.
– Justice (examining evidence to find the perpetrator)
– Categorization (sorting evidence, classifying insects, etc.)
– Meticulousness (attention to detail needed to fully examine the crime scene)
– Security (evidence needs to be protected, the criminal must be prevented from future crimes)
– When one categorizes different insects, there is usually more than one way of determining the subspecies. In the reference guide Grace and I used, there was one option that was underlined, meaning it was the most prominent/visible/unique option, but one or two other options was listed as well. This is in case you can’t find the feature, so it gives you a backup. However, sometimes this secondary feature is not unique to the fly species, so it is preferable to use the main one.
– Grace and I were also able to offer some alternatives to Cassidy for her traps, because she found she wasn’t catching as many flies up at SFU, so we suggested to shrink the hole in which the flies could enter.
– Another mentor might have offered more specialization or a different set of skills, but with the connections that Grace and I established we were able to gain a pretty broad view of forensics as a whole.

Learning Center:
For our learning center, Grace and I are going to create a mock crime scene and take the visitors through it so they have a chance to interact with different parts of it. We will have a “body” , which we are making out of paper mache and duct tape, and different evidence markers, as well as photographs, fingerprinting, degree day calculations, and a board on myths and wrongful convictions. Grace and I will take people through this mock crime scene, pointing out elements and teaching skills along the way. I hope the audience will learn something about forensics while also having a good time.

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